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About BIND London

BIND London is a high end fitness and athleisure brand, specializing in headwear that not only protects against sweat, heat and moisture, but is the first brand of its kind to cater for all hair types and textures. BL offers a variety of styles that makes everyone feel included, whilst keeping your style slaying.

Our hashtag #braveboldbind is your consistent reminder of your resilience, empowerment, and badassery at moments when it can be put to the test. We got this!

Our Story

Founder Kayleigh Benoit created the brand in 2018 after her transitioning to natural hair six years into her fitness journey. Used to wearing blow dries and weaves, all she wanted was an item she could wear at the gym to protect her curls when training. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find that desired item that had that perfect blend of functionality, style and felt catered to her needs and demographic.

After chatting to numerous women in the gym and spending weeks locked up in the British Library, Kayleigh validated this need and saw the gap BL needed to fit was wider than she first thought. Inclusivity is at the heart of the brand, it’s embedded in BL’s values, mission and fabric. Black and Asian women are the groups least likely to get enough exercise, and 40% of women are put off by exercise because of fear of judgement’ (Sport England).

The Purpose

With exercise playing a huge role in Kayleigh’s self care as a busy full time teacher, whilst simultaneously feeling the lack of representation when visiting certain fitness and wellness spaces in London, she packed in her job and rolled her sleeves up to bring this dream to reality.

Playing on the dual meanings of ‘bind’ as ‘tying tightly together’ and ‘uniting people to live more happily and effectively’ (it’s true, check the dictionary) whilst combining the ‘London’ to represent the brand’s origin, BIND London is a celebration and representation of a contemporary London that we’re used to seeing in our daily lives but not our daily media. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed with you in mind, with its inclusive styles, androgynous touch, and designer vibe.

We are proud to say our BL team are as inclusive BTS as we are in front of the camera!

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