How to Exercise with Natural Hair

For many naturalistas or transitioning naturals, when it comes to exercising with natural hair, our curls are one of the key considerations. Our workouts can often be scheduled around our hair, or vice versa.

When I began my natural hair journey in February 2018, I had actually forgotten about exercising with natural hair as part of my fitness regime. I had become accustomed to wearing a weave, so all I needed to concern myself with after an intense sweat fest was straightening my ‘leave out’ (which is the part of my own hair away from the weave hair that I straightened with GHDs). When I started to exercise with my natural hair, I may have subconsciously trained with less intensity than before, as a way to preserve my new curls. Many naturalistas have a ‘wash day’ once a week, which means if you want your curls and curl health to be lasting for that week. Sweating it out completely the day after wash day will not only ruin your style but dry out your hair.

BIND London aims to save you time and money, spending less time on our hair post workout and less money having to get our next hair appointment booked in.

Things we may consider when we exercise with natural hair, and the right BL piece for you:

  • Type of workout – gym, weights, run, hot yoga?

  • Intensity of workout – are you stretching and getting those steps in, or is it a pure sweat fest in 30 minutes?

  • How much we are going to sweat during that workout – are you someone who sweats a little or a lot? Where do you sweat the most in your hair?

  • How soon/far away is wash day – day 1 fresh hair compared to day before wash day hair may impact what workout you choose to do

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