TOP TIPS to Exercise with Natural Hair

Maintaining your natural hair when exercising, now made simple! Preserve your natural hair style before wash day and keep your curls, kinks and coils hydrated with BIND London’s top tips to exercise with natural hair.

  1. Before you exercise with natural hair, put your hair in a loose pineapple (aka high ponytail) or very loose bun. We don’t want breakage from hair bands so ensure that the bun is not too tight. This one of our most recommended hairstyles for naturals to workout with.

  2. The DINA headband is magic for our edges. Ensure you wear it half on your forehead and half on your edges to really reap the full benefits. DINA is deliberately wide for this purpose. The NAOMI scarf and LEWIS durag are perfect if you want more coverage than just edges

  3. Put a light oil on your edges prior to exercising with natural hair and putting on your BL. This will act as a sealant to the sweat

  4. After your sweaty workout, allow yourself to cool down prior to removing your BL. Allow the pieces to wick the sweat for you. While you cool down, let BL do its workout!

  5. All BL pieces are suitable for all hair types and textures when exercising. Whether you’re wearing your hair in natural curls/afro, a protective style like braids or twists, blow dried straight hair/weave, or even short hair, there is a style made for everyone.

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