WHO Are You Wearing?

BIND London is a high fashion fitness and athleisure brand, specialising in headwear that not only protects against sweat, heat and moisture, but is the first brand of its kind to cater to all hair types and textures. This is super important in a climate where type 4 hair is not represented enough. Type 4 hair and exercise may seem to many like a duo that don’t mix; on @afrogirlfitness they reposted a tweet from a girl who said, ‘Choosing between my hair and working out is an unfair decision black women shouldn’t have to make’ which sparked over 800 comments about how the ‘struggle is real’ for type 4 hair girls and exercise.

BIND London’s mission is to remove that barrier, as exercise is fundamental to our wellbeing and health. We need to come through taking up space, and our hair type shouldn’t be compromised.

Read on to see which BIND London piece is best suited to your hair.

DINA Headband – if you wear your type 4 hair in top knot pineapples or buns. DINA will protect around your edges, the thick width deliberately designed for maximum coverage. Doesn’t matter what hair type or even if you’re flexing a protective hairstyle, DINA has you covered for exercise (literally!)

NAOMI Scarf – perfect for blow dried/silk pressed type 4 hair. Use a paddle brush and wrap your hair around your head (like you would when sleeping with it at night). Wear NAOMI like a bandana and she will protect you for exercise. NAOMI is also stylish for very long styles (e.g. waist length protective styles) and also very short cuts.

MICHAELA Wrap – perfect for all textures when you want full coverage. You can wear your hair in a top knot bun and wrap on top of your head, or a low bun and wrap below. MICHAELA is a chameleon, and she can be worn with any outfit. Exercise, athleisure, streetwear, ‘out out’ … the diversity of a headwrap still remains undefeated.

MARIAH Hijab – for our Muslim exercise queens who need full coverage. Wear as you would any sports hijab, it boasts a stretchy lining around the face and a beautiful blend of silky and delicate on hair while sweat wicking.

LEWIS Durag – LEWIS is so great for very short hairstyles and will keep you wavey pre and post workout. The durag is effortlessly cool, symbolises so much, and is quintessentially Black. Unisex piece for girls/guys/gender fluid … make it your own.

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